PIMEC hosts a meeting to further develop MULTISENSOR’s Use Cases

29 octubre 2015

PIMEC hosted a meeting of the European project MULTISENSOR the last 13th October. The evaluation process of the project’s use cases and the user day that will take place in Bonn in November were the issues treated in the meeting.

The second prototype of the MULTISENSOR’s online platform will be available in November. Therefore, the partners discussed and planned the aspects to consider on the evaluation of the prototype. More concretely, the three user partners responsible for each project use case exchanged views with the technical partners in order to coordinate and better evaluate the platform.

Journalism, media monitoring and SME internationalisation are the 3 use cases of the project. Each of them has its own specificities that were discussed separately. Overall, the project aims at integrating advanced technologies that are able to interpret, relate, translate and summarise multimedia and multilingual data; providing these technologies as services to journalists, international media monitors and SMEs who need decision support for internationalisation. The online platform has the goal of helping journalists, media monitoring professionals and SME export managers in their jobs in an innovative way.

Also, the planning of the user day in Bonn the coming 26 November was talked through. The last arrangements on the agenda, logistics and invitations were finalised so the event can be a success. In all, the first meeting hosted at PIMEC premises was very positive.

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