MULTISENSOR’s first prototype evaluation

15 juliol 2015

The first prototype of MULTISENSOR was evaluated last month. After a year and a half of project development, which aims at the creation of an online platform that helps journalists and media monitoring companies to identify relevant information and SMEs to start an internationalisation process, the first version of the platform is ready. Professionals of the different sectors participated in the evaluation process.

The evaluation focused on concrete features that were available and were relevant to the different use cases. The prototype showed good progress as the results of the evaluation were mainly positive. Improvements and suggestions were identified in order to make significant advances in the technical development of the MULTISENSOR platform. The evaluators highlighted the great potentiality of the service.

A project meeting took place in Munich to present the first evaluation and set the strategy for the future development. Also, the overall project progress was discussed now that it reached its halfway point. A User Day in Bonn, Germany, was planned for late November. There, external users will be able to take part in the project’s evaluation and discussion.

If you are interested on knowing more about the project and the prototype, do not hesitate to contact us!

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