MULTISENSOR faces its last year after the review with the European Commission

12 gener 2016

The Consortia presented the evolution of the second year of the project to the European Commission in Luxembourg. The Commission valued positively the state in which the project currently is and encouraged the partners to keep up with the good work for the final year. Therefore, all the partners face the last year knowing that the project is on the right track and have the commitment to achieve a successful final result.

 The goal for the last year is to keep improving the three Use Case online platforms (journalism, media monitoring and SME internationalisation). To accomplish this, the different modules that come together to form the MULTISENSOR platform will be improved for the final prototypes to be complete. Furthermore, the Commission gave concrete recommendations which the project will follow in this final year of work.

In all, the Consortia was encouraged to finalise the project in order to attain the MULTISENSOR goal of doing research and develop a unified platform, which will allow for the multidimensional content integration from heterogeneous sensors, with a view to providing end-user services in journalism, media monitoring and SME internationalisation.

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