First MULTISENSOR to be launched in April

10 abril 2015

After 18 months of development, the first prototype of the European project MULTISENSOR is ready. The prototype has three different platforms for the three different professional areas that the project covers: journalism, media monitoring and SME internationalisation. The partners will evaluate this first version of the platforms together with professional users in order to further improve it. Later on in the project, a larger number of users will have the chance to evaluate it.

Regarding SME internationalisation, the participation of SMEs and export managers is welcomed. Similarly, journalists and media monitoring professionals are open to participate for the two other cases. For this purpose, the project created a User Group that puts together the interested users and stakeholders. In this sense, the professional expertise of users of the three different areas will help the project Consortia in developing the prototype and focusing on what can bring useful solutions to the professionals.

The online tool for journalists integrates articles from heterogeneous and multilingual sources and allows the user to see article summaries and translation in order to filter and detect relevant information. Furthermore, the journalist can run an analysis on selected content. For media monitoring, the user can see media information on a selected query and can run analysis on its content. Last, for the SME internationalisation the user can see country indicators of the European countries and products and sector news with market and economic information.

The Consortia encourages those interested in joining the User Group and announces that there will be an Open User Day in Bonn in November 2015, which will be a good chance to get to know the project developments. 

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